Pro Pilot Car Pro Pilot Car Refinery part. Oil equipment heading to Canada. 172374372 Big spool. Over length and over height load. 172379183 Another view. 172379189 Dump box section. Just one piece of a dump truck box. 172379186 Another view 172379184 Pronghorns Slower than a speeding antelope. 172379185 Heavy Heavy steel from Signal Peak Coal Mine 172379187 Framework I'll cover your back. A pipe rack for refining the tar sands in Canada. 172379188 Big tank Water tank headed to Canada. 24' diameter. 172379190 Oops. Stuck!?!?!?!? ;( 172379191 Pilot cars view. View from the rear. Notice the power company lifting lines for the load. 172379192 Break down. Broken trailer. Lots of flagging to do. Boots on the ground. Check your trailer before loading!!!!! 172379193 To the shop. One of several dump trucks heading to Idaho to be rebuilt. After rebuild- back to Canada. 175300163 Heavy load. These loads are over 200' long and 200,000 lbs. Crossing bridges at 5 mph was not popular with locals. 175300164 Port of Raymond If you look just to the right of the building you can see the North wait....just a caribou. 175300165 Tricked out truck Looking good. 175300166 Tricked out truck People aught to see this! 175300167 Going to China Complete drill rig in a box. 177929196 Going to Craig CO with Dan & Joe Oil barrels to Colorado 177929197 Coming through! If it's not tall enough let's block it up! 177950989 Rich kids' toy. Taking your boat to the lake. 182582877 Mud pump. Oil well mud pump. Play in the mud anyone? 182582878 Coal tractor. Just the tractor for a coal belly dump. 182582879 Walking a broken airplane home 188490046 Load of truck scales 188490047 Rock truck to Pocatello 188490048 Field on fire after a tornado. 188490049 Windmill blade & my dinky pickup. 188490050 Another rock truck. 188490051 Charles and a combine. 188490052 Crane for Colorado. 188490053 LOOK MA! A plane! 194219366 WWII Lockheed 194219368 The great pumpkin. 194219367 Wire skids 194219369 Big crane 194219370 Crane at work 194219371 Going to Luptkin 194219433 Boilers 194219434 Kiln sections. 194219435 Just cool. 194219636 Base Smoke stack base for Canada 197103416 Smoke stack section for Canada. 197909617 Night move. Gotta move these at night 197103417 Freezing Texans -23 on Home Stake Pass with some frozen Texans. 197103418 Rock drill. Rock drill going to the diamond mines in the North West Territories. 197103419 Bridge section. 197909616 Bridge beam. 197909619 Loading oil rig section. 197909620 New Dodge truck Nice step up. 197909621 Grain bin for FT. Benton. 197909622 Drag line bucket. 197909737 Man camp from Williston, ND to LA Man camp from Williston, ND to Raceland, LA 198276982 Pair of crushers 199981367 Power poles 199981368 Air unit for a hospital. 199981369 Oil tanker to the scrap yard. Still don't want the pipeline? 199981370 Migration into Montana. Combine convoy coming to work. 199981371 Migration out. Combine leaving the state. 199981372 Building a cell phone tower. 200541917 Big tank for Canada. 200541918 Oil tanks to North Dakota 200799336